Pillowfish - prog folk


Common Knowledge - 2007 (album)
Common Knowledge
<a href="http://pillowfish.bandcamp.com/track/seven-stolen-stars">Seven Stolen Stars by Pillowfish</a>
1. Seven Stolen Stars
2. The Revolution will be in Colour
3. The First Bonfire / Pillowfish
4. Addiction
5. The Ice Sculptor
6. The World to Mend
7. Cruel Sea
8. Move Your Money
9. Hunting the Off Licence / Trip to Heligoland
<a href="http://pillowfish.bandcamp.com/track/shes-so-dark">She&#8217;s so Dark by Pillowfish</a>
10. She’s So Dark
<a href="http://pillowfish.bandcamp.com/track/fingerprints-and-smudges">Fingerprints and Smudges by Pillowfish</a>
11. Fingerprints & Smudges

Pillowfish was an acoustic folk-rock and political song duo comprising Helen Bell and Tom Drinkwater. We don't play in this format at the moment, but you can still get our album, and check out our new projects - Tamarysk is the first.


Common Knowledge CD album - £10 + £1 p&p

Downloads available from Bandcamp.